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All colours

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Geberit Sigma70

Floating and puristic

Geberit Sigma50

Top-quality material combinations and architectural elegance

Geberit Sigma21

Top-quality material combinations / round

Geberit Sigma30

Modern clarity

Geberit Sigma20

Modern classic

Geberit Sigma10

Stop-and-go flush

Geberit Sigma80

Touchless lighting

Geberit Sigma60

Minimalist and surface-even

Geberit Sigma01

Functional simplicity

Geberit Sigma10 Touchless

Modern classic / touchless

Geberit Omega30

Modern clarity / compact

Geberit Omega60

Minimalist, surface-even, compact

Geberit Omega20

Modern classic / compact

Geberit Sigma30 with stop-and-go flush

Modern clarity / stop-and-go flush

Geberit Remote Type 01

Functional simplicity / remote flush actuation

Geberit remote flush actuation type 10

Modern classic / remote flush actuation

Geberit IR button Type 10

Small and touchless


Classic geometric lines


Design comes full circle


Elegant rounded lines